Policy Name: Bus Lending Policy & Procedure
Policy Type: Administration
Policy Number: VSC-ADM-003
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1. Purpose/Scope 2
2. Addendums 2
3. Definitions 2
4. Rules/Regulations 2
5. Procedure 3

1.  Purpose/Scope

This policy/procedure describes the process to be followed, and the criteria for lending out Virtus Soccer Club’s mini buses to its Active Financial Members and Life Members.

2.  Addendums

  1. Virtus vehicle information handbook and agreement
  2. Request form for borrowing Virtus mini buses.
  3. Virtus vehicle safety inspection form.

3.    Definitions

Term Definition
Virtus Soccer Club Responsible Person (VSCRP) Person/persons nominated by the executive Committee to act on their behalf for the purpose of lending out the buses. 
Active Financial Member A member who has been a financial member of the VSC for at least twelve prior to applying for a bus loan. 

4.    Rules/Regulations

  • Virtus Soccer Club mini buses shall only be loaned out to Active Financial Members and Life Members.
  • The member borrowing the mini bus must be over 25 years of age and have the appropriate driver’s license (full license), and must drive the bus at all times during the loan period. Members are not permitted to borrow the bus on behalf of someone else who is not a member of the Virtus Soccer club.
  • The bus will be inspected in conjunction with the borrower by the VSCRP at pick up and return of the bus.
  • The person borrowing the bus is responsible for any damage caused to the bus during the loan period. Should the bus be involved in an accident during the loan period, the person who borrowed the bus is responsible for any insurance excess that may result from the accident.
  • Bond money, an amount determined the Executive Committee at the commencement of each financial year, shall be paid to the VSCRP prior to taking control of the bus. The bond money is to cover the following:
    • Minor damage caused to the bus during the loan period.
    • Any cleaning costs that may be incurred as a result of the bus loan.
    • Fuel costs should the bus not be refilled prior to returning the bus.
  • The bus will be fully fuelled at pick up and must be returned fully fuelled.
  • Should more than one request be received by the club for the same date, the member who lodged the request first will be given priority over any other applications.
  • Strictly no smoking on the buses.
  • The VSCRP shall ensure that the vehicle is serviced regularly as per the log book and that the tyres are roadworthy at all times.
  • Under no circumstances can the vehicles be loaned out if not covered by a current service and the tyres are not compliant with the road rules.

5.  Procedure

  1. Any member wishing to hire one of the Virtus Soccer Clubs mini buses must make application on the appropriate form. Such form shall be completed and forwarded to the Executive Committee for approval prior to the required date.
  2. Upon receipt of the application, the VSCRP shall check the calendar and if the date is available enter the application into the diary and confirm with the applicant that the date requested is okay. At the same time, the VSCRP shall provide a copy of the “Virtus Vehicle Handbook and Agreement” to the borrower. The handbook provides the following information to the borrower:
  1. Pre-trip & Post-trip
  2. Insurance details
  3. Bond/Damage to vehicles
  4. Mobile phone usage
  5. Driving under the influence
  6. What to do in the case of an accident.
  7. Vehicle return
  8. A signed indemnity confirming that the borrower is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle as well as insurance excess in the case of an accident.
  1. Prior to pick up, the VSCRP will conduct a full vehicle safety inspection using the Virtus vehicle safety inspection form. Any issues as well as any damage/faults shall be noted on the checklist prior to the road trip. Under no circumstances shall a Virtus vehicle be loaned out if deemed by the VSCRP at inspection that there are unacceptable safety concerns that put the borrower and his/her passengers at risk.
  2. At pick up time, the VSCRP will present to the borrower a copy of the completed Vehicle Safety Inspection form. Any damage both interior and exterior that was picked up and noted on the inspection form must be shown to the borrower and initialled by the borrower to confirm that he/she has been made aware of the damage prior to the trip. The borrower should be encouraged to conduct his/her own inspection and should any further damage be picked up during this inspection, it should be added to the inspection form. Photographs of all noted damage should be taken at this point in time using the VSCRP’s mobile phone.
  3. At pick up time, the VSCRP shall also check that the designated driver of the bus has the appropriate driver’s license.
  4. At pick up time, the VSCRP shall provide the borrower his contact details in case of an emergency.
  5. The security bond shall be paid by the borrower to the VSCRP prior to handing over the keys.
  6. When the borrower returns the vehicle, he/she shall along with the VSCRP, conduct a full vehicle inspection against the Virtus vehicle inspection checklist to check if there has been any damage caused to the vehicle during that particular loan period. Refer to the photographs taken prior to pick up where necessary.
  7. If the vehicle is returned in the appropriate condition and fully refuelled, the VSCRP shall return the security bond to the borrower.
  8. If deemed by the VSCRP that there has been further damage to the bus than was recorded at the original inspection, then the bond money will be held over until the damage is repaired. Any monies from the original security bond that remain unspent on the damage is to be returned to the borrower along with a copy of the invoices that were paid to remedy the agreed damage.
  9. Any disputes in relation to bus damage and associated security bond shall be referred the Executive Committee for remediation



The person borrowing the vehicle must be an Active Financial Member or a Life Member of the Virtus Soccer Club, and must drive the vehicle at all times during the loan period. The borrower/driver must be over 25 years of age and have the appropriate full driver’s license.

Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Vehicle Inspections

It is the driver’s responsibility to conduct a vehicle inspection with the VSCRP prior to, and at the conclusion of each journey, and to agree and note the condition of the vehicle.

The driver must also ensure that the vehicle safety inspection has been completed by the VSCRP prior to he/she taking responsibility for the vehicle.

Vehicle Return

It is a strict requirement that the vehicles are returned in a similar condition to pick-up. They should be cleaned internally and externally prior to being returned. The vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel. See below for penalties in the event cleaning is required and/or fuel is required after drop-off.

Bond/Damaged Vehicles

Bond money to the value of $200.00 must be paid to the VSCRP prior to taking responsibility for the vehicle. The bond money will be returned to the borrower when the vehicle is returned in the same condition it was taken in. The bond money to be returned to the borrower will be reduced should:

  • The vehicle require resultant damage repaired
  • The vehicle require cleaning as a result of the bus loan
  • The vehicle be returned without being refuelled.

Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs

Normal road rules apply and driving with blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit and/or under the influence of drugs is illegal. Any driver found guilty of such an offence will be responsible for the payment of any fines and/or any repair costs resulting from the incident and may be subject to legal action.

Hands Free/Bluetooth

It is illegal to use the mobile phone when driving unless a hands free devise is being used.

If the vehicle is fitted with a hands free/Bluetooth devise, it is the driver’s responsibility to abide by the law and operate the devise in an appropriate manner.

Traffic Violations

Any fines for traffic violations during the loan period shall be responsibility of the person borrowing the vehicle.

Smoking is Strictly Prohibited in Virtus Vehicles

In the Case of an Accident

Unfortunately accidents occur no matter how careful or skilled a driver you are – so if you are involved in an accident, it is important you know what to do:


  1. Stay calm and don’t panic
  2. If free from in jury, check on the condition of your passengers
  3. Call an ambulance 000 if someone is seriously injured
  4. Provide whatever care you can to injured passengers.
  5. DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY TO ANYONE. Do not say the accident was your fault, even if it may have been. The Virtus Soccer Club’s insurance company will decide who is at fault when all of the facts have been considered.
  6. Contact the Virtus person who completed the paperwork and issued you with the bus. This person will provide you with further advice and help.
  7. Call the police 000 if
    • A vehicle is unable to be driven
    • A major traffic disruption results from the accident
    • Someone is injured or the other driver leaves the scene
    • If you suspect the other driver may be Impaired


  1. Move the vehicles to safety, turn hazard lights on and turn the engine off
  2. Exchange and collect details from the other driver
    1. Name of the driver
    2. Vehicle registration number
    3. Name of the other vehicles insurer
    4. Contact details of the driver
  3. Take photos of:
    1. Damage to all vehicles involved
    2. Damage to any public or private property e.g. signs, guard rails, fences etc.
    3. If safe to do so, take photos of the scene
  4. Do not leave the scene in an un-roadworthy vehicle.
  5. Should the Virtus Vehicles be damaged as a result of driver negligence or fault, the driver may be held responsible and liable for all repair costs. In the event an insurance claim is required to repair the damaged vehicle as a result of an accident, the driver/borrower may be responsible for the insurance excess in the amount of $1000.