Player Drug & Alcohol Policy

Policy Name: Player Drug & Alcohol Policy
Policy Type: Administration
Policy Number: VSC-ADM-006


1. Purpose/Scope 2
2. Addendums 2
3. Definition 2
4. Procedure 2


1.  Purpose/Scope

This Policy sets out clear guidelines with regards to the clubs position in relation to Drug & Alcohol and the playing staff.

2.  Addendums

Addendum 1 – “Player Alcohol &Drug Policy Acknowledgement”

3.  Definition


4.  Policy


Under the provisions of the Liquor Licencing Act 1997 (SA), a minor (person under 18 years of age) is not permitted to consume alcohol on the grounds of a licenced venue. As the Virtus Soccer Club and its grounds are licensed venues, the club can face serious monetary and other penalties if a minor is found to have been supplied or to be consuming alcohol in such places.

Persons who infringe these State laws and club policy put the club and its members at risk and will face penalties from the club, along with any applicable legal consequences as determined by the authorities.


  • Underage players caught drinking alcohol at the club, in the club car park, at the ground, on the bus or in any other place in which they are representing the Virtus Soccer Club, will be suspended from playing and possibly banned from the club.


  • Persons coming to the club in an intoxicated state will not be tolerated as this too can have dire consequences for the club if they are detected by the authorities or reported by members of the public. Penalties will apply.


  • Overage players who supply underage players with alcohol at any of the cited locations are even more culpable and will face even greater penalties. The club has a duty of care to its players and will not tolerate this reckless behavior.
  • Players under the age of 18 must leave the club by midnight to satisfy the legal requirements expressed in the club’s liquor license.


  • Players that are eligible to consume alcohol will be asked to drink responsibly in moderation and exercise common sense and good judgement.

To support those players who may have erred in judgment and consumed too much alcohol, the club shall ensure that they get home safely by arranging transport on their behalf.


The same dangers that apply to alcohol also apply to the supply and use of illicit drugs. The penalties for such supply and use are severe and the club, as well as the legal system, will not tolerate such behaviour.

The club adopts a zero tolerance with regards to illicit drugs and any player of any age caught supplying or using illicit drugs on any of the cited locations will be banned from the club.

All new players to the Club shall be given a copy of the attached “Players Alcohol &Drug Policy Acknowledgment” to read and sign prior to playing for the Club.