• Policy Name: Surveillance
    Policy Type: Administration
    Policy Number: VSC-ADM-005


  • Purpose/Scope
  • Addendums
  • Definition
  •  Management of Surveillance System

    The primary purpose of the video surveillance system is to allow the after-the-fact investigation of any crimes that may be committed against the club.
    Video surveillance cameras are not to be used in areas where members, visitors or club volunteers would have an expectation of privacy, such as restrooms.The video surveillance system is not intended to be used as a method of tracking the work habits or productivity of individual volunteers.



    Management of Surveillance System
    Video Surveillance Cameras

    cameras shall initially be set up to monitor the Kitchen including the cool room and the bar.
    Signage shall be displayed to inform the public and club members that the Virtus Soccer Club is under video surveillance.Video Surveillance Monitoring
    The video surveillance systems are monitored via phone apps. Members of the Board shall be given access to the phone apps following their election onto the Board of Management.
    Conversely, access to the phone apps should be removed when individuals are no longer serving on the Board of Management.Video Surveillance Recording 
    All video surveillance cameras are capable of being recorded continuously by a digital video recording system. Recorded video is to be used exclusively for the investigation of security incidents and not for other purposes.
    The Virtus Soccer Club is responsible for the video surveillance system and has exclusive control of the release of video recordings produced by this system. The Board Member responsible for Services shall be responsible for the continual management of the system.

    Incident Management
    Any action taken shall be dependent on the severity of the incident.
    If the incident occurred in an area where video surveillance coverage is available, the Board Member responsible for Services will review the recorded video and make a determination if any video relevant to the incident is available.
    This video will be used by the Board Members to investigate and resolve the incident.
    In the event of a theft occurring, the Board Member who first becomes aware of the incident shall immediately contact the President who shall then call all members of the Board to a meeting to discuss action to be taken.

    If any minor incidents are picked up on the phone app or via the recordings, the person who picked up the incident should contact the President who will then determine whether all Board Members need to involved in the investigation.
    If the President doesn’t involve all members of the Board in the investigation, the result of the investigation should be reported back to all Board Members ASAP.

    If a crime has been committed and recorded, a permanent video clip of the incident shall be produced and made available to the police. All requests for video recordings by law enforcement agencies shall be coordinated through the Board Member responsible for Services.

    From a Confidentiality perspective, under no circumstances shall any Board Member discuss any incident with anyone except fellow Board Members.